Ikebana International Nagoya Chapter



『花を通 じての友好 』

"Friendship Through Flowers"

年数回の例会で、いけばなデモンストレーション・ワークショップなど、多彩 なメニューで、いけばなやそれにつながるさまざまな文化の普及に務めています。 本部・他支部との交流や年1~2回の支部花展の開催、いけばなインターナショナル世界大会・地区大会への参加。また、いけばなインターナショナル以外の団体との交流や共同事業、地区ボランティア活動にも関わっています。

Several times a year, Ikebana International conducts meetings and demonstration workshops. Activities are varied, and flower choices often reflect the culture behind it. Once or twice a year there are flower exhibitions by chapter, and at the headquarter, and there is also the Ikebana International Regional and World Conferences. In addition, there are volunteer activities, exchanges and joint projects with organizations other than Ikebana International.


The purpose of Ikebana International is to promote understanding and friendship between Japan and other countries through Ikebana and other related arts of Japan.

I.I.Nagoya Chapter's main activity is to introduce the traditional Japanese culture focusing on the flower demonstration by the head master or the teacher of each school at various venues.

甲谷 箏湖 Souko Kouya